What's the Parktown Declaration all about?

About the Declaration

Shared principles and practices

  As signatories to this declaration, we the undersigned, as duly nominated representatives of our organisations, commit our organisations to the following shared continuing professional development (CPD) principles and practices.   
Given that:
1. CPD is the ongoing improvement of specific designation-linked competencies.

2. CPD can occur;
a. In the workplace
b. During coaching and mentoring
c. Outside of the workplace  
d. Through courses, workshops and seminars
e. In self-directed learning

3. CPD must be cognate with the designee’s profession.

4. The designated professional takes responsibility for his/her required CPD.

5. The designated professional takes responsibility for CPD records as required by the body she/he belongs to. CPD points are typically measured in direct hours; one relevant CPD hour is one CPD point.  


1. Being SAQA recognised professional bodies of good standing.

2. Maintaining the professional standards in each professional body area and to do whatever we can to assist professionals achieve that standard.

3. Professionally governing its CPD programmes.

4. Awarding of CPD points based on the approved competency model related to professional body.

5. Making it as easy as possible for designees to undertake CPD.

6. Making CPD opportunities available as widely as possible to its designees.  


In line with these principles we:

1. Commit to managing our bodies’ CPD policy and practices professionally and in line with the NQF Act and relevant SAQA policy and directives.

2. Recognise and accept that co-signatories to this declaration are all operating in the best interests of their members and the public that their members serve   

3. Recognise the approved CPD programmes of all signatory organisations as it relates to each signatory organisations competency profile and code of ethics.

4. Recognise that other SAQA recognised professional bodies of good standing that may wish to become signatories to this declaration can do so at a point in time suitable to their bodies development.  

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This site is designed to provide basic information about the Parktown Declaration agreed between leading professional bodies active in the marketplace across Southern Africa. For more information visit any of the signatories listed on this site.